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Types of Coffee Pots Types of Coffee Pots

Coffee is the most favorable beverage in the world.  People loves the different tastes of coffee from light to strong coffee.  Whatever taste you prefer, there are various types of coffee pots available to meet your needs.  There are many different forms and sizes of coffee pots and made from various types of materials.  You can make different... [Read more of this review]

Flavored Coffee Bean Flavored Coffee Bean

When it comes to coffee, people are always finding ways to enhance them.  One enhancement is the flavors of the coffee beans.  Over the past few decades, the sales of flavored coffee bean sector has tripled or even quadrupled. To make flavored coffee beans, it goes through a series of process first.  The first process is harvesting them and laying... [Read more of this review]

Cleaning Coffee Maker Cleaning Coffee Maker

Many people don’t realize that a filthy coffee maker will make the taste of the coffee not at its best.  Beside the taste, a dirty coffee maker can also cause mechanical problems too.  Washing the pot is important, but cleaning the internal parts of the machine is important also.  A clean coffee maker can be the difference between a good... [Read more of this review]

How To Grind Coffee Beans How To Grind Coffee Beans

The greatest enemy to coffee freshness is air.  Once the air comes in contact with the coffee beans, they will begin to lose their flavor.  Coffee manufactures vacuum seal their coffee beans in packages so it remains fresh while they sit on the shelves at the supermarket.  Once the coffee package is open, the freshness will start to degrade slowly. ... [Read more of this review]

Caffeine in Coffee Caffeine in Coffee

Coffee is one beverage that naturally contains caffeine.  Caffeine, like chocolate, is usually perceived as a bad substance for the body.  However, it is true that caffeine can have negative effects on the body, but if consumed moderately, it can be quite beneficial. People drink coffee for many reasons.  One of the main reason is keep themselves... [Read more of this review]

Type of Roast Type of Roast

When it comes to coffee, Roasting is an important process to achieve the taste that you are looking for.  Roasting determines how the coffee will taste and give them their unique aroma. There are people who like the popular dark roasted coffee beans while others prefer the light roast.  The rest are in the middle ground of medium roast.  The choice... [Read more of this review]

Making Iced Coffee Drinks at Home Making Iced Coffee Drinks at Home

For many decades already, hot coffee is what is usually served. Nowadays, ice coffee beverages is gaining popularity.  With their popularity, ice coffee beverages are found in many coffee shops.  Beside coffee shops, they can also be found in homes.  It can be easily prepared and served. Ice coffee can be easy to prepare as iced tea.  Most of the... [Read more of this review]

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